About the Mario Fratti Award

Named for the legendary Broadway playwright, the Mario Fratti Award is awarded every year since 2014 to a never produced before play chosen by a jury, different every year, among the many plays collected through a submission process. The winner receives a translation of their work into English as part of the MFA Collection and a reading of such translation. Since 2018, all MFA winners have been published by In Scena! under the MFA theater collection.

The Mario Fratti Award is won each year by the author of an original play in Italian or Italian dialect, never-before produced or published.

The jury evaluates each entry according to the following selection criteria:

  1. Quality of the writing
  2. Originality of the subject matter
  3. Treatment of the Award’s theme
  4. Universality

The winner will also receive a copy of the Mario Fratti Award itself: a painting to be especially created by Victoria Febrer, a visual artist who paints in red wine.

The English translation will be created for free as part of the Award. The rights to the translation will remain exclusive property of In Scena! for ten years in all English-speaking countries. When the winner is announced, a contract will be signed between the playwright and the Festival. The translation will be delivered to the author after its reading during the Festival.