Structure Overview and History


The Opening night: Each year the Festival is dedicated to an anniversary that has changed the life of theater or of society. The Opening Night of the Festival is dedicated to such anniversary and includes some of the artists participating in the Festival and local artists.

Full-production shows: Up to twelve professional theater shows from Italy. Each show should have had at least ten performances around Italy. Each show will have two performances during the Festival: one in Manhattan and one in one of the other four boroughs. Each show is either bilingual or with supertitles.

Readings: readings of Italian plays, already presented in Italy, translated into English. Presented in partnership with playwrights, Festivals and Playwrights projects.

The Mario Fratti Award for Excellence in Italian Play-writing: Since 2014, every year the jury of the Mario Fratti Award – comprised of 7 people (2 artists from the previous edition and theater makers) – chooses the winner’s play among the submissions. All plays need to never been produced. The winner will receive a translation of their work into English as part of the MFA Collection and a reading of such translation. Since 2018, all MFA winners have been published by In Scena! under the MFA theater collection.


HISTORY by titles

First Edition June 2013


NUIORC NUIORC by and with Francesco Foti

SOLO ANNA written by Franco D’Alessandro with Lidia Vitale

JENNU BRIGANNU written by Vincenza Costantino, directed by Ernesto Orrico, with Dante De Rose, Manolo Muoio, Ernesto Orrico


Venditori di Anime (Dealers of Souls) by Alberto Bassetti with Anthony Laciura, Francesco Andolfi

LE MATTINE DIECI ALLE DUE (Mornings ten to two) by Luca De Bei with Carlotta Brentan, Drew Bruch

LA MARATONA DI NEW YORK (Marathon) by Edoardo Erba, adapted by Isreal Horowitz con Vincent Piazza and Ted Lewis


Second edition June 2014 – Festival dedicated to Eduardo De Filippo


Mutu (winner Avignon Off) Prima Quinta company

I CORTEGGIATORI (THE SUITORS) by and with Carlo Loiudice and Vito de Girolamo

L’italia s’e’ desta (Italy has arisen) by Rosario Mastrota with Dalila Cozzolino,

REAP by and with Mauro Santopietro and Tiziano Panici – Teatro Argot Production

Hanno tutti ragione (Everybody’s right) by Oscar Winning director Paolo Sorrentino with Oscar Winning actress Iaia Forte


Santos by Roberto Saviano and Mario Gelardi

Oriana Fallaci by Emilia Costantini

Storia d’amore e di calcio by Michele Santeramo

Mario Fratti Award 2014: Via dei Capocci by Carlotta Corradi


Third edition MAY 2015 – Festival dedicated to Pier Paolo Pasolini


Viola di MAre with Isabella Carloni

Taddrarite by Luana Rondinelli

Ninetta and the others by Errare Persona Company

WEBULLI by Industria Scenica

CHEZ DIMI by Dimidimitri

CINGOMMA by Jessica Leonello


Angiulina La Mula by Rossella Raimondi

Giuseppe Musolino: A drama in acts by Giuseppe Morabito

Le Beatrici by Stefanno Benni

Mario Fratti Award 2015:  Mater Familias by Pier Lorenzo Pisani

Fourth edition MAY 2016 – Festival dedicated to Luigi Pirandello


Adam & Eve by Mauro Santopietro

Ocean terminal with Emanuele Vezzoli

La Cuoca Primavera by Chiara Cervati

A Serbian Housewife – Stabile del Friuli

Pinocchio Fellini by Titta Ceccano

Mario Fratti Award 2016 winner: Butterflies by Emanuele Aldrovandi


Fifth edition MAY 2017 – Festival dedicated to Mario Fratti


Non dirlo. Il Vangelo di Marco – Monologue by Sandro Veronesi, from  the book by the same title published by Bompiani.

TEN – Dieci by Andrej Longo,

Albania casa mia by Aleksandros Memetaj

DER PUFF – frammenti cantati di corpi internati  by Francesca Falchi

L’invenzione senza futuro  by Federico Giani, Mauro Parrinello, Celeste Gugliandolo, Francesca Montanino

La mia idea. Memoria di Joe Zangara by Ernesto Orrico

Riccardo and Lucia by Claudia Lerro

Rock Oedipus by Manolo Muoio

Mario Fratti Award 2017: The Land of the Swollen Faces by Paolo Bignami


Sixth edition MAY 2018 – Festival dedicated to the first laws on Mental Health


MADE IN THE US – Italians making theater in the US.

A MOTHER’S HEART By Daniela Dellavalle,

DHANA AND THE ROSEBUDS by Federica Cellini,

OFFICIAL SELECTION – Italians from Italy

ECHOES By Lorenzo De Liberato

HAPPY MARY By Lorenza Pieri

THE MEJERCHOLD TWINS by Davide Schinaia, with Francesca Airaudo and Giorgia Penzo

THIS IS MY HOUSE by Alessandro Blasioli

STRIA by Claudia Donadoni

MY LAST NIGHT – Mia Martini, a life by Aldo Nove

F.M. AND HIS DOUBLE by Fabio Marceddu and Antonello Murgia

DEGEN(D)ERATION – The Ghost of the Tribade 
by Francesca Falchi

ANGELA’S WARS by Giuseppina Facco

Mario Fratti Award 2018The City Rises (La citta’ che sale) by Chiara Boscaro & Marco Di Stefano